Some things I want to remember from today (and won’t if I don’t write them down somewhere):

We had a lovely group time homeschooling today. We do Bible, history (geography), literature, and science together– me, Skyla and Vika. Usually they are dying to get it over with.

Today was nice—I had the readings all set out, and we moved the coffee table to the kitchen right under the huge windows so it was very light. And I made them tea with milk and fresh strawberries. They loved this combo of happiness, so we had a really enjoyable time doing all our group reading/work together!





Separately, they each do handwriting, grammar, and math. I love how they wake up and do this right away. They’re usually done with their own work by the time I’m ready to get out of bed!

The other thing I want to remember is Skyla praying today. First, I’m so thankful for our church here in the U.S. Before we came back, I’d been praying for months that the girls would have a special time spiritually here. And it’s been neat seeing them get involved with the children’s leader at church, S.S., AWANA, etc.

Skyla prayed today that each of them would believe in God….And for Skyla, that was meaningful to me that she would say that out loud…. And their mommy keeps praying that all her children will all be saved to the uttermost.