As I was driving to the TITUS board meeting brunch this morning, I heard on WMBW (local Christian radio station) that they were having an Open House today, until 6pm.

Got home from board meeting at 2; went to McKays and Panera with my mom and got home at 4pm; loaded up the kids and Vitaliy’s mom, and we went down to the Open House.

I grew up listening to this radio station, and it was interesting hearing some familiar voices IRL!!!

Didn’t get great pictures, but here are two:

IMG_0455 IMG_0456

And, I just want to add that V’s mom has been knitting up a storm while here, and she’s taught Vika to knit, is teaching Skyla, and she made this little sleeveless sweater for Andre–Isn’t it cute!


I should show you the camouflage socks she knitted for my nephew! (from camouflage yarn!)