But I really need to tell you what all happened today. (So, I’m trying not to be embarrassed admitting that we once again homeschooled in Panera this morning.)

I feel like God is refilling my cup from all the depression and struggle that homeschool was causing me in Ukraine ūüôā

Talk about socialization!

So, we walk in and I see two elderly men that I know. One goes to our church and the other is a retired missionary who used to go to our church. We stop to chat. The missionary asked Skyla and Vika if they could say something in Russian to him. They were a little silent, so I said they could say John 3:16.

The man says, Great! You say it in Russian, then I’ll say it in Spanish!

So Skyla piped right up with it, and the man loved it and responded with the Spanish version.

Then the other man said he wanted to pay for our food … so he did. Our two frozen mochas and a hot tea.

Is that sweet and kind or what????

Then, we’re camped out on two little tables, handwriting and grammar booklets going full swing, and a man sitting along the opposite wall mouths to me, “Are you homeschooling?”

I nod yes.

He gives me a thumbs up.

(I need to tell you that every single time we’ve homeschooled in Panera, people come up to me and comment about how wonderful it is. Misty-eyed¬†older moms,¬†dads¬†¬†… Are we socializing society??)

Then, Vika is saying one of her AWANA verses aloud to me, “The Lord Himself goes before you And will be with you; He will never leave you nor forsake you.”

And the Panera employee who’s cleaning tables next to us pitches in to say, “And that’s so true! He so faithful!”

Finally, as we’re walking out the door, I’m throwing our stuff into the trashcan, and a teary-eyed lady walks up to me and says (something like),

“I just can’t tell you how wonderful it was to see you hugging your two girls while you read to them! With everything that’s going on in the news, you think there’s no good left in the world. So it was just so touching to see that!”

And I responded that I¬†believe there are 100s of such families, though¬†we’ll never see them¬†on the news.

Maybe by homeschooling, we are socializing society. ….

And I don’t just mean us. I mean all the families who are just being families, who are loving and imperfect, but loving and close and learning together.

But anyway, thank you, Lord, for all the encouragement you’ve heaped upon me at Panera.