I have come to Homeschool Heaven, ya’ll. I’m very thankful for this time, and I’m hoping to buy homeschooling stuff for the next three years of schooling before we leave 😀

We’ll see if it happens, but I’m excited!

I also got a book to help me learn how to homeschool better, and I’m really enjoying it:

hsandlovingitI’ve been praying and others are praying that I get a good homeschool experience going. You know, good homeschooling doesn’t just happen–and I always assumed I just had to wiggle my pinky finger as I go about my life as usual.

(choke, choke)

Hey, we’ve made big improvements, and I’m thankful. And now we’re making even more improvements!

I’ve spent over 500 dollars on books and stuff, and this is also a good thing. I ordered two more units of Tapestry of Grace, then some spelling, handwriting, and Math-It (for learning math facts), books for Tapestry of Grace, and some extras from the used book store.

We’re getting into ancient cultures– China, Greece, Indus Valley. And waiting for our things to arrive!