The other day as I was praying, the Lord showed me that I have terrible non-vision and suspicious expectations for my kids.

It goes back years … Vitaliy and his friend would sometimes mention “ДВР” in their conversations. In english that would be CBP–Children of Believing Parents.

Apparently there’s a stereotype of the “terrible” kids who grow up in Christian families. They act the worst at camps, they grow up and turn out pretty bad. 

So, not really even thinking this through, I looked at my kids with suspicion: Will you grow up to be the infamous “ДВР” child???

I’m subscribed to Sally Clarkson’s blog I Take Joy. And she talks quite a bit about casting vision for your children – that God has a plan for them, that they can do great things big or small, etc. 

And I realized yesterday, as I was praying, that I need to have vision for my kids, positive, godly vision for them. To open up these options in their thinking.

And so, … I’m changing. Praying bigger, more confidently, asking even more.